About Tyrcanol

Five Decades of Tyrcanol

Most Tyrcanol ponies trace back to our foundation mares Tyrcanol Shuggi (b.1962) {Revel Crusader/Revel Melba} and Tyrcanol Suzie (b.1965) {Gredington Serydd/Foxhunter Efydd} through Shuggi’s daughter Tyrcanol Sugar Pippin (by Clan Pip) and Suzie’s daughter Tyrcanol Suzie Swing {by Twyford Swing} and Suzie’s sons Tyrcanol Shcharansky (section A, by Twyford Gamecock) and Tyrcanol Master Stephen (section B, by Solway master Bronze).


Tyrcanol Suzie-Swing Dam of Supreme Champion Tyrcanol Sylphide, and champion mares Tyrcanol Leonora and Tyrcanol Susanna.

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Tyrcanol Sugar Pippin Many times a champion herself, Pippin’s influence in the stud runs through her daughters Tyrcanol Lucy and Tyrcanol Petronella, both by Coed Coch Planed.

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Tyrcanol Lucy (sire Coed Coch Planed, dam Tyrcanol Sugar Pippin), dam of Champion Tyrcanol Lucius. Many of our most successful breeding mares are daughters and grand-daughters (and now great grand-daughters)of Lucy.

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Tyrcanol Tosca 1st prize-winner at all the major shows. A great great great grand-daughter of Tyrcanol Suzie.

Tyrcanol Adam (section B) Sire Tyrcanol Shcharansky. A winner at the highest level under saddle, having inherited his sire’s gentle temperament and exceptional movement.

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Tyrcanol Daniel

Section A Colt foal,  2009. Sire Tyrcanol Trystan, dam Tyrcanol Delicia by Tyrcanol Shcharansky. One for the future.


Lucy riding the welsh section C  gelding Tyrcanol Howard Winstone (sire Nebo Bouncer, dam Tyrcanol Blackberry by Parc Sir Ivor).





Emma riding the Welsh Section B gelding Tyrcanol Paris (sire Eyarth Rio, dam Tyrcanol Madam Patti) at home.







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