Welsh Ponies Section A

At Tyrcanol we have a breeding herd of Section A mares living out all the year on the Welsh hills. For many years our senior stallion was Tyrcanol Shcharansky (sire Twyford Gamecock, dam Tyrcanol Suzie). Shcharansky sired outstanding stock on mares from a variety of bloodlines (Coed Coch Planed, Clan Pip, Revel Choice etc.) and many of our best brood mares are his daughters or grand-daughters.

Tyrcanol Sylphide (Coed Coch Planed / Tyrcanol Suzie-Swing)

In 2018, we have for sale two beautiful stallions which are sons of our former senior stud stallion  Tyrcanol Galahad Р(sire Tyrcanol Apollo, dam Tyrcanol Gentian). These stallions are for sale as they are related to most of our broodmares.

More details and photos soon

Galahad sired several crops of exceptional foals for us. His foals inherited his beautiful head, long front and sloping shoulder, superb movement and Galahad’s gentle and sensible temperament, and he is the sire of many of our young mares. Galahad was line-bred to the legendary Coed Coch Planed.

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